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Scene Study

 A  6-week scene study class created to positively foster young adult actors and artists in the exploration and creation of scene work from plays. A combination of relaxation, private moments, character work, improvisation, scene analysis and performance. All students will be given a partner and a full play to read a week before the session starts. Students will be working on one scene selected by the teacher from the play given. 


Week 1: Relaxation and private moment and character work. An introduction to relaxation and private moment for actors. We introduce character exploration from the plays that are given to each student before the session begins. No right or wrong here- just exploration and being present. 

Week 2: Table work. We break down stories, characters, conflict and language from the scenes given to students before the session begins.

Week 3: Making it personal. We bring improv to the table work to further our understanding of the material from a human, universal, open place.

Week 4: Rehearsal.  A first go at putting scenes up with partners! A combination of table work, improv, relaxation and character work married to the text given in the scenes. 

Week 5: Guest Instructor. An industry professional will come in to share their experience and give additional notes for development during the rehearsal period. (TBA: director, writer, casting director or acting coach- it's a surprise!) 

Week 6: Big Finale! Performances of the scenes will be taped.  

Important Information

This class is intended for ages 17-26.

Runs from on Wednesday's from September 19th -October 24th, 6:30-9:30pm.

Deadline for payment is September 12th. Payment plans available.