Bookings & Brags

Devina Briggs

Bookings: Lifetime mow Blue Esme

Lisa Ovies

Producer: Charlie (TV Pilot), Dota2 Ti8

Shanna Mair

Costume Designer: You Me and Her (TV Series) 

Ty Consiglio

Bookings: The Flash,

 Aliens Ate My Homework


Recent Releases: Wonder, Mr.Lemoncello's Library, 

Woody Woodpecker

Eden Summer Gilmore

Booking:  It's Christmas, Eve

Recent Releases: Supernatural, Riverdale

*Best Actress in TV Featured Role 11-16       Supernatural - The Joey Awards 2018*

*Monologue Winners - The Joey Awards 2018*

Carmen Mikkelsen

Booking: Courage to Soar (The Simone Biles Story)

Emma Cherris

Recent Release: Sacred Lies

Dax Gujral

Bookings: Victoria Gotti Story

Gianluca Biancardi

Booking: First commercial booking!

Lisa Ovies

Directing: Beverly Hills Lizard People

Katie Rogers

Booking: Slow Dive

Aleks Paunovic

Booking: Van Helsing season 3, Snowpiercer, Dirk Gently's Holistic dective agency, Narco leap, Arrow

Recent Releases: War for the Planet of the Apes

Hayley Scherpenisse

Signed: with Pacific Artists Agency after an in class agent session with Owner Russ Mortensen 

Recent Release: Escape from Mr.Lemoncello's Library

Rylan Richards

Signed with first agent:

Red Management after an in class agent session 

Booking: *CW network TBD*

Anisha Cheema

Recent Release: iZombie (season 3 recurring character)

Lexi Piper Lawson

Bookings: Shieldmaden, De Capo

Makayla Bennett

Signed: with her first agent after an in class agent session 

Bookings: Victoria Gotti Story

Emma Vanderlee

Signed: with her first agent after an in class agent session  

Katie Stuart

Recent Releases: Altered Carbon, Zoo

Marc-Anthony Anisha

Booking: You Me and Her (recurring)

Lexi Mortensen

Recent Release: Date My Dad (episode 6; Bingo)