Lisa Ovies


On-Camera Audition, Business, and Improvisation

Lisa Ovies is an award-winning producer, director, and actress residing in Vancouver, Canada. She launched Rogue Studios in January 2017 after running one of Canada's fastest growing children's acting schools for 4 years. She is also the president of ANFAgency and the owner of two production companies, all operating out of Rogue Studios. She trained in Vancouver and Chicago Second City in improv for several years before becoming a professional improv performer and has been teaching since 2013. She is one of the head instructors at Rogue Studios as well as the program coordinator at our children's school.

Katie Stuart


On-Camera Audition, Scene Study, and Stunts

Katie Stuart is a Vancouver actor and stunt performer with over twenty years of on-set experience. Katie worked consistently in film and television throughout her elementary and high school years and, as a young adult, began training and developing the specific skill-set required to safely pursue stunts. She has since racked up a substantial number of stunt credits to add to her growing resume. She joined Rogue Studios in March 2017 as the lead on-camera instructor and was immediately captivated by the passion, dedication, and commitment of the school and its young students.

Aleks Paunovic


Acting for Motion Capture, Sci-Fi, and Stunts


Aleks Paunovic is a Vancouver actor with over twenty years of experience. He has over 100 acting credits, all pertinent to our Sci-Fi block. His notable 'Vancouver specific' credits include, Van Helsing, The 100, iZombie, Continuum, Battlestar Galactica, Puppet Killer, Supernatural and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Fresh off of the international release of War for the Planet of the Apes, he also brings his in-depth knowledge of acting for motion capture to the students of Rogue Studios in this custom developed course.

Erin Boyes


On Camera Audition

A dynamic theatre, film and television actor, Erin Boyes has worked in all mediums through out the US and Canada for over thirteen years. After attending Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Delaware, where she majored in Drama and Vocals, Erin studied and began work as an actor in Philadelphia and New York.

Currently based in Vancouver, Erin works as an acting teacher, coach and mentor to young women, combining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with her extensive experience as an actor and industry professional. She continues to foster her love of art through studying at Railtown Studios, with Larry Moss in LA and through independent projects with fellow artists. 

Christian Sloan


The CW Experience


Brian Doe


Voice-over and 

Scene Study

Brian Doe is a Vancouver based actor, and voice actor with extensive experience behind a microphone. The journey began as a young teen, where he spent countless hours by himself with a cheap desktop microphone and free recording software, where he created his own offbeat characters. When he realized that this was an actual job, he took the plunge and never looked back. Having accumulated numerous credits in film, television, documentaries, video games, and commercials, Brian is now an equally respected actor and voice actor across all major mediums. As an instructor, Brian prides himself on creating a safe, fun, and no-pressure environment where exploration of character, and oneself is encouraged and celebrated. Brian is known for his voice over work on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree (and Barbie: The Pearl Princess.

Lisa Dumas


Mind and Body


A former radio host seeking respite from disordered panic and chronic anxiety, Lisa found yoga a decade ago. She received near immediate relief from her symptoms after experiencing the power of the breath and its guidance to the present moment. This newfound presence led Lisa to learn to compassionately question her thoughts and rebuild a relationship with her body. Since then, she's devoted her life to studying and teaching the science of yoga and how it can reunite us with deep, inner contentment. Now an experienced yoga teacher and Mind-Body Coach, Lisa shares techniques that encourage others to build a positive relationship with their bodies, cultivate a kinder inner dialogue and reclaim their courageous hearts.

Jessica Cameron


Horror films: 

From the Audition to the onscreen death

Jessica is a multi-award-winning actress and director residing in LA with a massive Scream Queen following in the horror community. She has gained worldwide fame for her skills both in front and behind the camera and is excited to develop workshops with our students specifically designed for the Horror film audition.

Jaala Leis Wanless


The on set experience from call sheet to wrap!


Updated Soon!

Robert Phaneuf


 The practical application of ADR  

Robert is a multi award winning sound designer who has been working and living in Vancouver for 8 years. After studying music production in 2010, Robert moved in to the film and television sphere and has worked on several feature films, TV series and documentaries, including 8 projects alone with Rogue Studios owner Lisa Ovies.

Jocelyn Panton


 On Camera Audition

Jocelyn was intrigued by the Performing Arts at a very young age. She did some theater in high school but it wasn’t until she graduated from the Broadcast Performing Arts program at Columbia Academy that she decided she must continue pursuing her true passions of acting and performing. Jocelyn has trained around town in schools such as Railtown, Shea Hampton's Acting from Source, Lyric School of Acting, and Ben Ratner's Haven Studios, to name a few.

Some of Jocelyn's upcoming projects are: the 2018 reboot of the cult classic, Critters, the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie, A Gingerbread Romance opposite Tia Mowry, and Lifetime’s Besties. Jocelyn loves kids and is very excited to jump on board with Rogue Studios! 

Garry Lee


Business Adviser

Garry has worked in various industries from insurance, general contracting, automotive finishing, and recently thanks to Rogue Studios, production. After finishing an Entrepreneurial Leadership degree, he consults for SME in the lower mainland while working in property management and insurance. Garry prides himself on helping Rogue Studios reach its goals of being the premier professional young actors studio.


Jason Bourque


From the Director's Perspective


Jason is an award-winning director whose recent TV show Medinah premiered at San Diego's 2017 Comicon and one of his latest feature films 'Drone', starred Sean Bean of 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'Game of Thrones'. He works one on one with students on their audition skills and to improve their knowledge of the director/actor relationship and expectations.

Shanna Mair


Costumes and 'Dressing for Auditions'

Shanna has worked in the costume department for 13 years and is currently the costume designer for the CW's 'Super Girl' and spent last 2 years costume designing for Fox's hit TV show 'Lucifer'. Shanna has designed classes specifically for Rogue Studios. Working with the students to understand the costume design process, the in's and out's of professional fittings, how to properly manage and handle costumes on set, and give her insight into dressing for an audition. 

Cayley Giene


Special Fx Makeup and 3D Transfer 

Cayley brings a custom developed course to Rogue  Studios which focuses on the 'ins and outs' of practical visual effects. Cayley's years of experience on shows such as Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Flash, Arrow, Power Rangers, Legends of Tomorrow and many more, make her an expert in the local Sci-Fi industry and the perfect member of our team to walk students through the journey's they will encounter on set in Vancouver.

Anisha Cheema


Executive Assistant

Anisha Cheema is a professional actress best known for her recurring role on the CW Network's TV show, iZombie. She has been working with Lisa Ovies for several years. She is an executive assistant at both Rogue Studios (where she helps teach improvisation in the youth program) and ANFAgency.

Emma Cherris



Emma Cherris is the new intern at Rogue Studios, where she assists with the Junior Program. She has trained with Lisa Ovies for years and has shown a true passion and natural talent for the craft of acting. Emma helps with writing scripts for class and has began writing her own screenplay.